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Yacht Club Named 'Best Event Venue'

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Coastal Style magazine’s annual reader’s poll named the Ocean Pines Yacht Club as the Best Event Venue in Worcester County.

The Yacht Club was named Best Wedding Reception Venue in the 2020 poll. Additionally, the Venues at Ocean Pines, which includes the Yacht Club, Golf Club and Beach Club, were named Best Wedding Venue for four consecutive years, from 2015-2018.

Lia Isel, who oversees event bookings in Ocean Pines, said the Association offers three unique venues for weddings and other happenings, both small and large.

“The Yacht Club has a spacious ballroom with draped ceilings, a private bar, bridal suite, and a stunning waterfront view of the Ocean City skyline,” she said. “The Beach Club, in the heart of Ocean City, has breathtaking oceanfront views perfect for beach weddings, and the new Clubhouse offers attractive views of the golf greens and can host special events, cocktail parties, or our exclusive ‘no fuss’ Tiny Weddings.

“Whatever the occasion is, Ocean Pines has a venue for you, and your event will be expertly handled by our staff and complemented by fine coastal cuisine from our culinary team,” Isel added.

For information on wedding and event bookings, visit

The “Best of 2021” issue of Coastal Style is due out in September.


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