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Yacht Club Announces Summer 2019 Concert Lineup

The Ocean Pines Yacht Club has announced its 2019 Summer Concert, and it’s jam packed with crowd-favorites in the local and regional music scene.

"Our customers and loyal concert-goers will be impressed with the lineup of bands that are set to spark the ultimate dance parties this summer in Ocean Pines," Denise Sawyer, director of marketing and public relations for the Ocean Pines Association. "Our free music concerts are crowded with folks who bask in the heat while sipping a cold beverage as their hips swing to the soundtracks of summer."

The season’s lineup, revealed Friday, March 22, includes nearly 60 music events taking place at 1 Mumford's Landing Road in Ocean Pines.

Every weekend from May 17 to Sept. 29, the Yacht Club will host electrifying performances on the patio of its sprawling complex that shoulders the Isle of Wight Bay.

The 2019 Summer Concert Lineup includes First Class, Tranzfusion, Full Circle, Slamm, Great Train Robbery, Honey Extractor, Identity Crisis, Over Time, Radio Bravo, Beatlegacy, and many others.

This concert series is under the direction of Matt Ortt Companies, the management company that took on the day-to-day operations at the Beach Club and Yacht Club after the Ocean Pines Board of Directors granted the team a two-year management contract. 

To see a more detailed lineup, including more free events and fundraising events across town, visit .

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Bob Griest
31 במרץ 2019

Why not book any "old time" rock bands?

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