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Bold Bridal Venues in Ocean Pines

Allow your nose to follow the sweet scents of a floral fantasy to a coastal bridal setting with sights that are sure to send your imagination into a romantic trance. A dreamy backdrop of the skyline of Ocean City lends itself to an exotic exchange of vows along the bay front marina of the Ocean Pines Yacht Club.

tPoz Photography

Brides, from across the region, travel to the shore of Ocean Pines, Md. for bold bridal venues and show-stopping views. The popularity of destination weddings continues to surge, according to Forbes magazine. Millennials, who book the Venues at Ocean Pines, want fun in the sun with a touch of adventure.

Dogwood Flowers

The tropical paradise of Ocean Pines is becoming a popular wedding destination. The sun-kissed community gives newlyweds and attendees access to nearby unspoiled coastal activities such as kayaking, parasailing, recreational boating and deep sea fishing.

Whether it is an over-the-top wedding or casual celebration, couples can rely on experienced bridal experts at The Venues at Ocean Pines for bridal options for parties of all sizes and style.

The team at The Venues at Ocean Pines works to stay ahead of the trends in the bridal industry. From linens with unique texture and designs to living botanical bars, a big element of future wedding celebrations will involve an element of surprise.

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Unexpected uses of flowers are what brides are craving this year. They are ditching the traditional neatly-assembled floral arrangements and are choosing to showcase dogwood arrangements. More and more weddings are displaying potted plants along ceremony aisles and at reception venues. The potted plants are wrapped in decorative silk fabric and placed at the foot of ceremony chairs.

Imagine a floral bed in a bay front setting. Unforgettable. Harmonious. Ocean Pines Yacht Club.

As the demand for destination weddings soars, so do The Venues at Ocean Pines’ offerings.

For more information about The Venues at Ocean Pines, please contact the award-winning venues at or 410-641-7501.

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